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6.0 Index Class

****6.0 Index Class****

Class Description

Class is designed for street appearing cars and trucks, weighing a minimum of 2,800 lbs. Maximum of 10.5 inch (True Ten 5) slicks or 13.5 inch D.O.T. tires only. Class will run off a .400 Pro Tree and Sportsman Ladder. Vehicles from a major manufacturer only are allowed.


The interior must have dashboard and front seats, rear seat is optional, carpet is optional but encouraged. Stock appearing dashboard/interior encouraged.


No full fiberglass bodies allowed. Original Factory fiber glass bodies only. Vehicles must be street appearing. Cars must have headlights, tail lights and mufflers. Fiberglass or composite replacement panels (bumpers, hood, deck lid, doors) allowed.


Any suspension is allowed front and rear. Back half cars are allowed, full tube frame cars are not allowed. No wheelie bars.


Sponsorship and manufacturer decals are limited to windows and rear quarter panels only. Car number and index class designation (6.0) on right front top of windshield and left side window. Drivers deep staging put deep under class designation.


Nitrous, supercharger, turbocharger and fuel are unlimited. Engine must be in stock location, but firewall may be notched for clearance. Motor plates and solid mounts are allowed.


Any type transmission (manual or automatic) allowed. Electric and air shifters are allowed, trans-brakes are allowed.


Optical sensors, and electrical or pneumatic throttle stops are not allowed. Delay box not allowed, must be disconnected and not operational. The use of any device that reduces power during a run is not allowed. Progressive nitrous controllers and/or nitrous timers are allowed. MSD 7al systems must have slew rate, timer and switches turned off. If you have these on the vehicle for other classes of racing, they must be visibly disabled (unplugged). These boxes will be teched at anytime during qualifying and eliminations. An immediate disqualification and loss of points will be rendered if tech determines use of these functions.

Deep Staging

Deep staging is allowed. Courtesy staging will be in effect. Drivers deep staging put deep under class designation as mentioned in the Lettering/Decals section above.


Tech card must be completed and be brought with the car to the scales for weigh-in and tech inspection. All cars must pass rules and safety inspection to race.


Disqualification, (the pass will not count) will be rendered for any of the following: crossing centerline, use of above mentioned bracket racing/optical or electronic aids, improper staging procedures, failure to report to staging lanes when called, reckless driving or speeding in pit area or return road. In the event both cars run under index the closest to 6.0 will be the winner.


6.00 Index cars will qualify for run positions according to ET. After qualification, they will be placed on a Sportsman ladder. Lane choice is determined by previous round E.T.


Crewmembers must leave the starting line and burnout area after each pass. Crew and driver must maintain a professional attitude and appearance at all times during the event.

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